Write from the Heart workshops are a means to tell passionate stories, promote peace, and inspire and uplift the human spiritual condition.

Taught by published fiction writer, lyricist and poet, Melissa Greene, they are an invitation to free the imagination in an atmosphere of warmth and trust. They educate, empower and delight, by awakening us to the wonder of writing, not the rules. Using gentleness as a path to reflection and healing, they're especially for those who have always longed to write, but thought they couldn't. Everyone has an imagination we may simply not know how to get in touch with it. These playful, poetic workshops foster artistic, social and emotional growth by inspiring our dreams to take flight.

Writing from the heart isn't about grammar, spelling or punctuation, but what we long to express, deep down. It's about discovering that the very process of writing brings us joy. All Classes have a one-of-a-kind flavor. They are gentle and non-intimidating, yet challenging and full of life, providing a refuge from the speed and distraction of our times. In a world crying out for imagination, we proudly emphasize the love of creating, not cookie-cutter technique.

No grades, tests, competition, or anxiety. No harsh critiques, drilling, or deadlines. Add a dollop of humor and you have our mission: to put writers of all levels at ease; to inspire camaraderie, spontaneity, and the courage to create.

Despite our de-sensitized world, art is alive and well here. Workshops are a safe haven for the soul, where creative writing becomes fun, freeing, and a means to hope and self-esteem.


Learn to trust your ideas.
Listen to your intuition.
Take a break from perfectionism.
Turn off your cell.
Laugh, and laugh some more.
Bond with other creative souls.


Imagination and intuition.
Self awareness and self confidence.
The importance of detail in everyday life.
Gentleness and beauty.
Kindness and trust.