(All workshops are FREE)

The word is out: creative writing - from the heart - makes a difference in cancer recovery! These thoughtful, relaxing workshops awaken the creative spirit, gently, without intimidation or pressure. Taught in an atmosphere of warmth, whimsy, compassion, and trust, they are a safe haven for the experienced and first timers, alike, especially those who have always longed to write, but thought they couldn't. No grades, grammar, or competition. No spelling rules, punctuation, or red pen. Sharing optional. Mischief a must! Explore how playfulness trumps fear, opening the door to courage, passion, and the confidence to create.

The Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute - Lancaster, PA
(for cancer patients and their caregivers)

Wednesday evenings (6:30 - 8:30 pm), 8-week series:

Registration required. Please call LGH Contact to register: 717-544-4636


"Cancer was good for something - I got to come to this class!"

Joan, Student
The Lancaster General Health Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute

"I have Sickle Cell anemia, and am a regular 5-day in-patient at Hershey Medical Center. I attended Melissa's Write From The Heart writing workshop on September 10, and it was a welcome break to my stay. It urged me to think deeply, and helped me to express some of my feelings about being bottled-up in a hospital for five days, away from the world. It was also fun. I haven't had that much fun since college! Melissa teaches with humor and warmth, and laughter always helps healing. The workshop was a great relief to me, and I would definitely love to come again, in the future, as an outpatient."

Milton S. Hershey Penn State Cancer Institute

"Of course I have fear! But this is where I can get rid of it. I come to our class to exorcise my fears."

Hope, Student
The Lancaster General Health Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute

"You get a deeper experience about cancer, being here. We're not just saying 'Oh, it was painful.' We can paint a picture of our experiences, and when we do, it's amazingly freeing."

Georgia, Student
The Lancaster General Health Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute

"Melissa, you have created a workshop atmosphere which invites confidence in our own ability and creativity as well as trust in your leadership. You model a playful, relaxed attitude as we observe stimulating props. We watch and interpret the energetic boinging sculpture, feel the weight of a lovely brass pear, listen to fuzz- covered locust beans rattle, and sift among glowing polished stones. I appreciate this grounding in our senses. It surprises me that in such a short time you have elicited so much positive energy! You've made it fun to laugh, easy to write, and safe to share tears. As a caregiver, taking this time to learn about and experiment with creative writing is certainly a healing presence in my life. Thanks for your guidance!"

Peggy, Student
The Milton S. Hershey Penn State Cancer Institute