Our children and teen workshops inspire young people to love writing, in school or out! A non-intimidating, free-spirited look at how creativity flows when we let go of our inhibitions. Write a poem, begin a short story, explore a memory, or just sit back and listen. Through warmth, kindness and a touch of mischief, we spark both intellect and imagination, in an inviting, artistic atmosphere where it's cool to be yourself. No grades, grammar, competition, or stress. A catalyst for both silly and serious writing. Beginners welcome. Sharing optional. P.S. If you're shy, bring a friend!

Fall Series, "Writing, Made Wonderful"(ages 9-12)

Series of 4 Workshops, in our Lancaster studio     2:00-4:00 pm


"A cure for the standardized test. Our 10 year old daughter went from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by writing, to experiencing joy and excitement."

Jennifer Taylor
Cassie's Mom

"We see the same things. She gives me ideas about how to describe what things look like: like how the black swan looks like a boat. And the ducks look like drops of rain."

Zachary Goyda, Age 10

"Wacky (in a good way). After this class, I will know more about how to approach writing my book, because sometimes I have idea blocks and this will help me relax and get through them."

Kevin Brown, Age 10

"I learned everyone can write if they put their mind to it.You are in charge of your writing. Nothing is too crazy to write down - the possibilities are endless."

Middle Schoolers (Age 11-14)
Lancaster, Lebanon, PA - IU13 Gifted Program

"It's about loosening the buttons on your heart."

Paris Benfer, Age 11


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