Our teen workshops inspire young people to love writing, in school or out! A non-intimidating, free-spirited look at how creativity flows when we let go of our inhibitions. Write a poem, begin a short story, explore a memory, or just sit back and listen. Through warmth, kindness and a touch of mischief, we spark both intellect and imagination, in an inviting, artistic atmosphere where it's cool to be yourself. No grades, grammar, competition, or stress. A catalyst for both silly and serious writing. Beginners welcome. Sharing optional. P.S. If you're shy, bring a friend!

Summer Writing Camp Series: "Writing Made Wonderful"(ages 13-17)

Series of 3 Workshops, in our Lancaster studio     1:00-3:00 pm

Fall Series, "Writing, Made Wonderful"
(ages 13-17)

Series of 4 Workshops, in our Lancaster studio     2:00-4:00 pm



"Write From The Heart unlocks our imaginations and lets our souls fly."

Kambria Helm, Age 17

"I just had an awful week at school. And knowing that I had writing class with Melissa pulled me through and gave me something to look forward to. I love it!"

Annie Mowery, Age 14

"My creativity and I grew up there. It's my writing home."

Mary Frances Gallagher, Student from age 8
Lancaster Country Day School, Graduate
Today, a writing fellow at Brown University


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