2-Hour Pop-Up Free Writing Workshop
Feel Like Writing? Anything Goes!

A pop-up evening of nothing but writing whatever comes, for no particular reason, with no particular goal except to please ourselves. Please join us for a laid back, non-intimidating gathering in an atmosphere of warmth, compassion and trust. No grades, grammar, judgement or stress. Sharing optional. Mischief a must!

Intro. Workshop, "Writing Without Fear"
(A recommended warm-up to all classes.)

A relaxing, free-spirited look at how creativity flows when we let go of our inhibitions. Start a poem, begin a story, share a memory - or just listen! - as we explore how the process of creative writing uplifts and transforms our lives. A catalyst for both silly and serious writing, in our safe haven of warmth, whimsy, and trust. Come to relax. Beginners welcome. Sharing is optional! P.S. If you're shy, bring a friend!

Thursday evenings, 5-week series:
Sep 27 - Oct 25

Memoir Writing Workshop, "Exploring Our Life Stories"
(An ongoing class, held year-round. Feel free to return!)

Remember your father's shoes? The color of your first car? Memories have the power to illuminate, enlighten, and heal. Explore your story - happy or sad - in our safe haven of warmth, whimsy, and trust.

Monday evenings, 5-week series: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Oct 29 - Nov 26

Fiction Writing Workshop, "Bringing Our Characters to Life"
(An ongoing class, held year-round. Feel free to return!)

A fun, non-intimidating look at how characters spring to life on the page when we least expect it, leading the way to our most believable, moving, and well-rounded stories.

5 weeks, in our Lancaster studio     6:30-8:30 pm


"Write From The Heart guides us to dodge perfectionism, tap into the creative process, and love the art of writing. Not for anyone else, but ourselves."

Deb Brandt
Owner/Editor Fig Magazine

"An exquisite creation, from the beauty of Melissa's studio to her subtle, playful, laid back style. An elegant symphony, conducted by one of the most energetic and warm people I've ever met."

Teresa Enterline
Loss and Grief Counselor

"I graduated college last year and still feel like I've learned more in two of Melissa's 5-week classes than in 4 years of university."

Kaitlin Evaston


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