Write From The Heart is a wonder. Melissa generates trust. She generates confidence. She works tirelessly to embrace joy, through the art of creating. Her own writing is fiercely compassionate, and always sharply perceptive and beautifully observed.”

Jim Shepard,
Professor of English and Fiction, Williams College,
National Book Award Finalist,
Author of The Book of Aron


“Melissa guides those who didn’t know they had a voice, to find that voice.”

Dr. David Nutter, Psychiatrist


“My creativity and I grew up there. It’s my writing home.”

Mary Frances Gallagher (student, from age 8),
Lancaster Country Day School, graduate,
Today, a writing fellow at Brown University


Write From The Heart guides us to dodge perfectionism, tap into the creative process, and love the art of writing. Not for anyone else, but for ourselves.”

Deb Brandt, Owner/Editor Fig Magazine


“Melissa’s gift lies in compassion, and her keen ability to draw people out of themselves. In a world fraught with anxiety, her classes are a source of creativity, hope, and healing in many people’s lives.”

Father Peter Elvin, St. John’s Episcopal Church


“An exquisite creation, from the beauty of Melissa’s studio to her subtle, playful, laid back style. An elegant symphony, conducted by one of the most energetic and warm people I’ve ever met.”

Teresa Enterline, Loss and Grief Chaplain


“A cure for the standardized test. Our 10 year old daughter went from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by writing, to experiencing joy and excitement.”

Jennifer Taylor, Cassie’s Mom


"We see the same things. She gives me ideas about how to describe what things look like: like how the black swan looks like a boat. And the ducks look like drops of rain."

Zachary Goyda, Age 10


Write From The Heart unlocks our imaginations and lets our souls fly.”

Kambria Helm (age 17)